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Eight and a half

After the interesting bike yesterday, we thought we would take it easy today and do a nice 7 mile run on the trails. At 15F , sunny and warm, it was perfect for a morning run. I should have known better! We quickly ran into the Tour of Anchorage skiiers as they were on their 40K to Kincaid. We took various side trails, “running’ through deep snow.  At one point a huge cow moose stopped us in our tracks – no matter how much we yelled and how much the dogs barked, it just wouldn’t move. I considered letting the dogs off the leashes so they could chase it away…but only considered that for about 2 seconds!  We backtracked and took another route. That’s one plus about the Anchorage trails, there’s always several ways to get where you’re going! At about seven miles, I was toast. I knew we had hot sweet bread waiting at the house and the thought of that kept me going. Finally, after a last push through the soft snow we made it back to the neighborhood. The dogs were tired and we all had a much deserved snack.

Stay warm running out there!  jeannette

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